"According to me, it's a book"

The first impression one has in front of the graphic work of Vincenzo Giugliano is stupor-hence curiosity. The observer, gazing at this artistic universe, outside known forms of expression, immediately asks themselves what the reasons and meanings of this work are, executed as it is with an 'artisanal' knowledge and built piece by piece with a precision that excludes any idea of improvisation or abandonment to forms of instinctive or sentimental expression.

As a matter of fact, the paintings of Giugliano are découpages from newspaper articles dealing with specific subjects, carefully chosen and then carefully worked upon. The impression deepens. They are placed on the canvas in such a way as to represent scenes that will be taken up by the artist further on. He frequently uses varnish, red, blue or maybe black, or any strong color capable of suggesting the obscure or diffuse threats that can occur to human beings in desperation and misery.

Each painting of Giugliano is a crossroad of meanings: découpage of words with double entendres, drawings elaborated from the découpages, successive intervention of colors. The multiplicity of meanings naturally produces a diverse range of significations that are of the present moment, and that fundamentally treat the tragedies of the world. Improvisation becomes an integral of his work. War, solitude, hunger, anguish, death but also games, globalization, consumerism, that is to say life in modern times-these are the themes that one can 'read' in his different paintings.

Each one reveals the painter's presence who is both engaged with and participates in the work, who interiorizes and creates and who, once the painting is finished, seems to stop before it as if to say-just like the title of one of Giugliano's early works-"According to me, it's a book." Each work is, in effect, like a book written by many hands, those of other people, but thought out, imagined and ultimately created by the artist

Raffaele Urraro
(writer and art critic) May 2002

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