A Path towards the hyper-present
22 March 2011 Without being able to discern a previous chronological order, collage techniques have been used in the past century with an increased emphasis-probably inspired by the multiplicity of media and materials available while taking care to not become a genre, and a style or language, even less so. Each artist has his own way with each piece of art that is created; this is assumed. Read more
The World Through Words
March 2008 "To look is an act of choice," wrote art critic John Berger in his seminal work Ways of Seeing. Amid headlines, scraps of poetry and bits of magazine articles in several languages-Italian, English, French, Russian, Spanish-at first, it is difficult to know exactly where to begin to look at the work of Vincenzo Giugliano. So many images and sounds and words call out. Read more
Layers of Skin
October 2007 The first time that I saw the oeuvre of Vincenzo Giugliano at the Entrepôt Gallery in Paris, I suddenly felt impressed by his work. A painter! Something very rare today! His work had a common point with mine even if it was diametrically opposed: the research of a new perspective of the image. Read more
Little Stories Colored By Irony
2004 The discrete fascination and charm of printed paper. This, for Vincenzo Giugliano, since the time that he was young, made him very curious. He was seven years old when Francesco, his father, took him to the apartment where he was working as a housepainter ripping off old wallpaper and fixing on new. And, underneath this old wallpaper, sheet upon sheet of newspaper. Vincenzo, just learning how to read and write, stood behind his father, joking and decoding the old words from the old news that someone had glued onto the walls long before his birth. Read more
"According to me, it's a book"
May 2002 The first impression one has in front of the graphic work of Vincenzo Giugliano is stupor-hence curiosity. The observer, gazing at this artistic universe, outside known forms of expression, immediately asks themselves what the reasons and meanings of this work are, executed as it is with an 'artisanal' knowledge and built piece by piece with a precision that excludes any idea of improvisation or abandonment to forms of instinctive or sentimental expression. Read more
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